The world of business is changing, and the health sector is not an exception. Statistics have shown that over 10% of business appointments lead to no shows.

This is a wake-up call to all businesses which are aimed at increasing their sales as well as their customer turn up rates.

The internet is one of the platforms which you can reach out to your clients but spending time online will consume much of your customer’s valuable time, and by the end of the day, your customers will be dissatisfied. As a business, you should pay attention to your customer satisfaction. In case you are looking forward to reducing your no-shows and boost your sales consider working with PhollowUp.

PhollowUp is Singapore based company which provides an authentic online platform which provides customer booking solutions for the healthcare industry. The company has a lot of expertise, and for years now many small businesses have benefited from their services. Their online booking system allows patients book appointment with professional health practitioners anytime. Doctors can also keep track of their customers through these systems.

The company understands well the effect no-shows can have to your business and aims at helping small businesses manage their appointment without necessarily taking part in the job. They ensure that your customers have been reminded about their appointments early enough to improve their turn up rates.

By just a click of a mouse, your customers can book their appointments. To ease your workload, the company ensures that new customers have provided essential information the moment they click their online book doctor appointment option. This helps capture all the details of your new customers before they make their actual visit. This way, you will spend valuable time with your customers and give them the right attention.

Time is critical for every business and its clients. Through their dentist appointment system, customers can get access to professional dentistry services. This reduces the chances of spending all your day on the phone making calls and sending text messages. They send an appointment link on mail or through a text message for your old customers to make their bookings.  The system also gives dentists the number of customers who have booked appointments with them on a particular day.

To ensure that their customers get quality services, the missioned company has extended its wings by opening up new offices in Japan, Australia and Philippines. For more information visit  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

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