As a business, the way you make your appointments with your customers matters a lot. Statistics show that in average, small businesses have over one out of ten of their appointments leading to no shows. This is because of lack of effective ways to follow-up on their appointments.

As a business, issuing appointments cards to your customers will not give out the expected turn-ups since most people tend to forget they had an appointment in the first place. Besides, making calls to all your regular customers is time-consuming and will also not work since most people do not answer business calls during working hours.

The best and most effective way to remind your clients is through a text message. Statistics show that most people read their text messages. However, as a business, it will be costly to spend a day writing SMS to your customers reminding them about their appointments.  In case you face challenges or would like to improve your client turn up rates, consider working with PhollowUp.

PhollowUp is a Singapore-based company which is dedicated to helping small businesses lower the burden of spending much time on making calls to their clients. They achieve this by booking appointments on behalf of your customers by sending emails and SMS with an online appointment link for them to make their own bookings.

PhollowUp understands the challenges small businesses face and works tirelessly to provide small business tips which not only helps them increase their customer show ups, but also help them improve profits. Besides making appointments to customers, the company also helps businesses to manage their customer records by implementing digital solutions which assist businesses in tracing their customer history. In the case of new clients, they ensure that before they book their appointments, they have filled in some detailed informations to ease your workload.

With PhollowUp, everything is taken care of, so you do not have to spend the whole day making calls, sending text messages or even updating information details for new customers. This way you will have enough time to attend to your clients and give them the right attention they need as PhollowUp continues to help you build a strong client base. Also, you can also take advantage of their dentist scheduling and keep your customers informed on when they are expected to come for the next checkup.

Due to their passion for helping small businesses grow, PhollowUp has also opened other offices in Australia and Philippines. Their vision is to help businesses boost their sales by making their existing and occasional customers become regular repeat customers. Besides, businesses get to enjoy their free two week services without any payment. For more information visit us today



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