Reduce Your No-Shows with the Online Leading Doctor’s Appointment Site

The world of business is changing, and the health sector is not an exception. Statistics have shown that over 10% of business appointments lead to no shows.

This is a wake-up call to all businesses which are aimed at increasing their sales as well as their customer turn up rates.

The internet is one of the platforms which you can reach out to your clients but spending time online will consume much of your customer’s valuable time, and by the end of the day, your customers will be dissatisfied. As a business, you should pay attention to your customer satisfaction. In case you are looking forward to reducing your no-shows and boost your sales consider working with PhollowUp.

PhollowUp is Singapore based company which provides an authentic online platform which provides customer booking solutions for the healthcare industry. The company has a lot of expertise, and for years now many small businesses have benefited from their services. Their online booking system allows patients book appointment with professional health practitioners anytime. Doctors can also keep track of their customers through these systems.

The company understands well the effect no-shows can have to your business and aims at helping small businesses manage their appointment without necessarily taking part in the job. They ensure that your customers have been reminded about their appointments early enough to improve their turn up rates.

By just a click of a mouse, your customers can book their appointments. To ease your workload, the company ensures that new customers have provided essential information the moment they click their online book doctor appointment option. This helps capture all the details of your new customers before they make their actual visit. This way, you will spend valuable time with your customers and give them the right attention.

Time is critical for every business and its clients. Through their dentist appointment system, customers can get access to professional dentistry services. This reduces the chances of spending all your day on the phone making calls and sending text messages. They send an appointment link on mail or through a text message for your old customers to make their bookings.  The system also gives dentists the number of customers who have booked appointments with them on a particular day.

To ensure that their customers get quality services, the missioned company has extended its wings by opening up new offices in Japan, Australia and Philippines. For more information visit  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank”

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A Smart Way to Increase Your Dentist Sales

Typically every business aims at making profits. One thing most companies forget is that their customer care and marketing strategies contribute much when it comes to the amount of profit they will realize by the end of the day. Imagine receiving a flood of new customers and old clients who understand your brand well. If getting and maintaining your customers are the biggest problem in your business then you are not alone. Many companies face the same challenges and solving these problems has never been easier! Just take a look at how you can increase your sales and maintain your customers.

Dentist scheduling is one of the effective ways to keep track of the number of customers you will attend by the end of the day. Time is critical not only to a business but also to its customers. Customers prefer quick and quality services.  Since the procedure is not a one-day thing when booking appointments for your clients, it is always imperative to schedule a specific time. Besides it also gives you the opportunity to keep track of your time as well as reducing the wait time for your clients thus improving your customer experience.

Make use of technology

With the increased number of mobile-enabled devices and web connectivity, most people access the internet through their phones. Create an online platform where your customers can book their appointments. This will allow you to manage the number of clients that your facility receives in a day as well as promoting a healthy communication between you and your customers. Alongside online appointment services, investing on automated devices can also help you keep records your new and old customers together with their details.

Reduce no-shows

Statistics have shown that many businesses appointments lead to no shows. Everyone is busy, and chances are your customers may forget that they had booked an appointment with you. Making calls to all your customers will consume most of your day, and by the end of the day, you may not be in a position to attend to all your clients. Also, a large number of people do not pick unknown calls, especially during working hours. This will have a significant impact on your sales.

Research has shown that over 98% of people read their all of their text messages. Again, sending text messages manually to all your clients will consume your days’ time. Remember your primary aim is to boost your sales by satisfying all your customers. It does not make sense spending all your time reminding your customers about their appointments and expect the clients on the waiting queue to spend hours waiting for you and expect them to be happy. However, delegate the appointment job to someone else will help you focus on your customers and give them valuable time

Now imagine your old customers sending their friends and family members to become your new clients. If retaining and attracting new customers is all that you are looking forward to then making use of the above small business sales tips will help you achieve all your business goals.

Increase your customer appointment turn up and reduce your no-shows

As a business, the way you make your appointments with your customers matters a lot. Statistics show that in average, small businesses have over one out of ten of their appointments leading to no shows. This is because of lack of effective ways to follow-up on their appointments.

As a business, issuing appointments cards to your customers will not give out the expected turn-ups since most people tend to forget they had an appointment in the first place. Besides, making calls to all your regular customers is time-consuming and will also not work since most people do not answer business calls during working hours.

The best and most effective way to remind your clients is through a text message. Statistics show that most people read their text messages. However, as a business, it will be costly to spend a day writing SMS to your customers reminding them about their appointments.  In case you face challenges or would like to improve your client turn up rates, consider working with PhollowUp.

PhollowUp is a Singapore-based company which is dedicated to helping small businesses lower the burden of spending much time on making calls to their clients. They achieve this by booking appointments on behalf of your customers by sending emails and SMS with an online appointment link for them to make their own bookings.

PhollowUp understands the challenges small businesses face and works tirelessly to provide small business tips which not only helps them increase their customer show ups, but also help them improve profits. Besides making appointments to customers, the company also helps businesses to manage their customer records by implementing digital solutions which assist businesses in tracing their customer history. In the case of new clients, they ensure that before they book their appointments, they have filled in some detailed informations to ease your workload.

With PhollowUp, everything is taken care of, so you do not have to spend the whole day making calls, sending text messages or even updating information details for new customers. This way you will have enough time to attend to your clients and give them the right attention they need as PhollowUp continues to help you build a strong client base. Also, you can also take advantage of their dentist scheduling and keep your customers informed on when they are expected to come for the next checkup.

Due to their passion for helping small businesses grow, PhollowUp has also opened other offices in Australia and Philippines. Their vision is to help businesses boost their sales by making their existing and occasional customers become regular repeat customers. Besides, businesses get to enjoy their free two week services without any payment. For more information visit us today



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The Must Have Features of an Online Booking System

Regardless of which services you are offering in your business, an online booking system is simply a must have.

This is because it can get you many customers since most people are looking for convenience. Online scheduling systems allow customers to reserve services a lot more easily, in the comfort of their home. Now, for an online booking system, there are certain features you need to have on your website in order to make the experience friendly for your customers. Below is a list of some of the best features.


A beautiful image gallery


You need to have high resolution images so your clients can visualize what kind of experience they are likely to get from you. With an image gallery on your website, you will be able to show your customers what you offer. You can have pictures with your team or staff at work for the customers to see what it is like at your business.


An appealing book now button


Your website’s purpose should be to find new clients- make sure they convert! You need to have a simple but eye-catching book now button so the customers don’t miss it. Make sure it has actionable language telling them what to do and ensure it is easy to find and easily accessible.


Social media integration


People who are looking for your services are likely to be looking for promotions, deals or discounts. If you advertise such services through social media then integration with the online appointments system is important. This way, they can quickly link to any page you have provided to see what you are offering.


Access to Cloud


A cloud based software will allow you to manage your schedule and your business remotely. If you are always on the go, you can still have access through your mobile phone and still work with your clients.


It is important to have an online booking system in this day and age but you also need to make sure you have the right one. These features will make the experience better for your clients and even easier for you.

Business Solutions Provider Introduces Online Booking System Targeting Small Enterprises

The contemporary business environment continues getting more competitive with time. This comes on the backdrop of globalization which means smaller businesses now have to compete at a higher level to remain afloat. Luckily, the advent of business technology applications has leveled the playing ground and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are now able to compete effectively.

It is towards this goal that PhollowUp, a global business technology provider has launched an innovative online appointment system targeting small enterprises. The company, headquartered in Singapore, has launched the product with an aim to boost small businesses by improving efficiency in their operations.

Speaking during the launch of the new product the company’s marketing manager was ecstatic about the impact it will have on modern businesses:

“For the last few years our team has conceptualized a system that will make it easier for businesses to leverage the power of online technology. Through intense research we identified one weak link in most SMEs is the lack of efficient scheduling which leads to the loss of loyal customers,” the marketing director noted.

“We identified some of the niche industries which require booking including dentists, medical, spa and massage, auto repairs, chiropractors and tax accountants among others. We built our online booking software to enhance operational efficiencies for these businesses. Our belief has always been that once the booking process is streamlined it becomes easier to meet and exceed customer satisfaction,” he added.

With the modern consumer is lost for choice in terms of available services, small businesses have to up the game by improving the quality of service. The system introduced by PhollowUp has integrated appointment reminders through SMS and email, online self-booking, on-the-go booking, client notes and automatic follow-up reminders. All these features are designed to make it easier for businesses to provide 100% satisfaction to their clients.

The company also offers invaluable small business sales tips on its online platform which entrepreneurs will find valuable. The system enhances productivity in the workplace as workers do not have to schedule appointments using the phone. More importantly, it cuts the cost of operations and enhances the customer’s experience. These booking systems are available 24/7 both to the business owner and clients adding to the convenience and flexibility of booking, confirming, and cancelling appointments.

More importantly, the software provider has invested heavily in a customer service team to resolve all problems that might arise once the system is deployed.


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How to Streamline Your Practice with a Dentist appointment system

With the U.S population expected to grow to close to 340 million by the year 2022, medical practitioners are expected to face more challenges.

Emerging Challenges in Healthcare

There is already demand for more value for money in provision of healthcare even as the cost of such service continues rising. If you have a dental clinic, one way to overcome these challenges is by adopting a Dentist appointment system which will ease operations by allowing automatic scheduling and follow-up.

Dental Appointment System in Detail

One of the major challenges any dentist faces is in appointment scheduling and following up on such appointments. Any clashes in scheduling will lead to poor client satisfaction and strain on your resources. An Online book doctor appointment is designed to make the process easier and avoid oversights which can lead to loss of your trusted clients.

By integrating this system into your day to day running of the clinic you are able to remind people about forthcoming checkups. The Online appointment system is also effective in ensuring there are no no-shows in your clinic because there is an automatic appointment confirmation message from the system.

Why Invest in Dentist scheduling Software?

One the surface it might seem like your clinic is operating like a fine tuned machine. However, a closer look will reveal weaknesses such as low long-term retention, low productivity and high cost of operations. A dentist scheduling can easily solve these issues in the following ways:

Improved productivity: Scheduling appointment through the phone is time consuming and your staff might not have enough time to actually get the job done. An online appointment system allows workers to focus on patients as opposed to the ringing phone which leads to higher satisfaction levels.

Flexibility: With online scheduling your patients can still make appointments or cancel them from their phone, whichever location they are in.

Attract new patients: As patients continue seeking more effective healthcare solutions they are more inclined to choose dentists who have adopted new technologies. This is a sign that your clinic has a forward thinking approach to health solutions.

More efficiency: Nothing is as frustrating to a patient as coming in for an appointment only to find a queue of others waiting. This inefficiency leads to loss of business, client loyalty and ruins your clinic’s reputation.

A dentist appointment system boosts efficiency, enhances satisfaction levels, boosts quality of services at your clinic and reduces operational cost.